How to make your own responsive website absolutely free?

The use of smart phones and tablets has increased dramatically and it has totally changed the approach to web design. When someone is visiting your website for the first time, he/she pays attention to its web design. Your website must meet requirements of its visitors because it actually creates the first impression about you. In times of constantly developing technologies and changing trends, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with the requirements of website visitors because of new mobile devices and resolutions. But if SEO is essential component of your marketing strategy, you will find it really important to have also a mobile-friendly web page.

Responsive web design has become a real outbreak in web design. It has become an irreplaceable tool in making web sites that meet needs of various users. Responsive web design makes a website accessible from absolutely different devices.

Building a responsive website

Responsive web design is a totally different approach to design aimed at creating website that can be easily viewed from different mobile devices with different screens. The concept of the following design suggests that design of a website changes in accordance with the size of the screen, orientation and platform. In more simple words, when the user switches, for example, from Blackberry to iPad, the website that the users is visiting, automatically changes its resolution, scripting abilities and image size.

What are the advantages of responsive web site design?

Adjusting screen resolution

New devices are being developed every day but responsive web design makes your website easily “watchable” from any device.

Cost efficient design

To have one website that conforms to the need of absolutely different devices instead costs less than to have two different websites – desktop and mobile. You do not need to spend extra money on their creation and maintenance.


The content sites with responsive web design moves freely.

Easy to manage

It is easier to manage one website and one SEO campaign than two different – standard and mobile websites.

Who can build a responsive website?

The answer is short and simple – you can. Mobirise free web design software is a free offline responsive website builder that will help you make your own website totally from scratch. You will be able to create a website that will respond to the user’s preferences completely on your own. Now one site can suit every screen. But what is more – you do not need to spend extra money on website development as you can create absolutely free responsive website. Things that have been a real challenge for you can be a real fun. Just download and try the responsive layout maker!