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Hey, is it possible to create a modern and beautiful mobile-friendly site in some minutes? With this app it's possible! Some simple actions, and it's here!


Mobirise themes are based on Bootstrap and AMP, these frameworks are the most popular frameworks this time - and these frameworks are mobile-friendly initially.


Just enter your title and meta description to promote your site in seach engines. As Mobirise sites are 100% mobile-friendly, they will be shown higher in search results.

Modern blocks

Modern sites are usually responsive, beautiful, mobile-friendly, animated and interactional. You can try the web page design software, free download available: all needed blocks are here, intros, sliders, galleries, footers, and many many more.

It's free web design software

Most features of the app are available for free, you don't have to pay to use the app itself, you can use several themes for free, there is no limitation, you can publish your sites for free, and use them for commercial purposes.


It's simple. You don't have to code. You have the set of all needed blocks. You have all needed tools to add your search data. You can add your analytics script. You can simply drag a needed block and change them in a few clicks.

No Coding

You don't have to code, this free web design software for beginners is a WYSIWYG free web design software for beginners, you can edit your blocks layout and content using built-in parameters and dialogs.

Social Feeds

You can add some social feed to your site, there is a separate extension for the Instagram feed. It can help you gain more followers.

Interact with your users

Add a comments block to let your users leave comments with the help of one of the popular social networks. Use contact forms, they don't require server-side integration.


Latest Update => With Theme DirectM the Code Editor does not work any more!
When trying to use the Code Editor, Mobirise best web page design software is hung up.

Mobirise Support
In a current moment, unfortunately, Code Editor is not working in all themes that go before Mv4 themes.
Sorry for the inconvenience, our developers are working on it.
Feel free to contact us if you have another issue or question.

Can not add extension, error when entering code. "Incorrect server response. (20)"

Mobirise Support
Could you please make sure that Mobirise is able to connect to the Internet directly. Your proxy/antivirus/firewall may prevent it.
Also please try to log out and log in again into the Mobirise app (open the Account tab to find the Logout button).

Hi, is there a way to have all the blocks available on one theme. In other words, to have blocks from other themes all together to use? Also, is there a way for another user to edit the content (text, photos, videos) online without having to edit the html/css similat to a CMS webiste like WP or other options like WIX or Square Spcace. Thanks!

Mobirise Support

Sorry, it is not supported, but you can use User Blocks feature - https://mobirise.com/help/user-blocks-470.html
I'm afraid it is not possible to do it online. The only way you can edit the content is directly in the app or changing of the locally published site files.

Quick question. I use Google Tag manager to add tracking codes to my sites. I know I can place code in the header using the site editing area. Will the custom html extension allow me to add GTM code to the body? I just need to know it will let me add that code before I buy it.

Mobirise Support

Yes, this feature will be provided.

I love your program to create websites! Thank you for that. Is there a possibilty to receive the html code of the website I have created via mobirise?

Mobirise Support
You can view/edit all of the site files (HTML/CSS/JS etc.) after a local publication in some folder on your PC. Use a usual txt-editor for that, Notepad, for example.

I created a site with Mobirise for a friend, and now he asks me to have access as administrator of this site, to be able to manage completely the site (to insert texts, images and video). But I do not know how to create an access to him apart from mine, because I don't want him to enter my management account because I have a lot of modules that I paid.
I want him to have an access apart, private to manage only his site why I need help to know how to create een Administrator account to manage a site, as it does on joomla template if its possible.

Mobirise Support
Sorry, but the only option here is to use export/import feature so your friend could make the required changes in the project. By the way, he must have themes and extensions in his account which were used for this project.
Please, check this article - https://mobirise.com/help/project-files-368.html

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