Having a good website is as much important as having a well-designed business card. It is the key to your success because this is the first impression potential partners and clients will have from you and your business. Good news is that now you do not have to spend a lot of time and money as you can do it yourself with the help of offline website builder software. It allows you to create your own responsive website without having any special technical skills. But what is the best offline website builder software 2020? Read on to find out. With offline Website Builder creating well-designed websites is a real fun!

Offline Website Builder

Mobirise is an offline website builder you can use even if you don't have any coding or programming expertise. Download Mobirise for free right now to find out what you're up to with it!

Great templates

Mobirise provides you with themes and templates for any case, so you will easily find and edit a website template for your business in a convenient visual way!

How it works

Mobirise Offline Website Builder is straightforward and easy to use, so you need any prior experience to start building awesome websites with it. To help you get started faster, check out this simple tutorial!


Build beautiful top-notch websites with this offline website builder software. Download Mobirise and enjoy creating website without coding and completely for free!

What is an offline website builder?

An offline web site builder is a downloaded program that is used to create a website that later can be published at any host. Offline html creator software enables you to create modern websites in a cost efficient way. It is easy to use.

Unique templates

An offline website builder provides you with a wide range of templates that can be used for creating websites for absolutely different purposes. You need e-commerce website that will attract customers and increase your sales? We have a solution for you! You want to create a website that will underline reliability of your business and open new partnership horizons? No problem! Our offline website builder will help you create a website that will look sophisticated and beautiful on any smart phone, browser or tablet.

How does it work?


Publish your website

Feel free to publish your website wherever you want: locally on your hard drive, on Github Pages, on your server via FTP or on Mobirise server!


Edit your template

Once Mobirise is installed, you can choose one of the beautiful templates. You can edit templates using a visual editor or convenient parameters!


Download Mobirise

Go to the official page of Mobirise to download free software quickly. The installation process is easy and fast as well.


Being able to offer so many possibilities, Mobirise offline web builder software has become a decent competitor.


Your website will be automatically responsive, so you don't have to do anything about it. Your website will display perfectly on any device!

Host Everywhere

You can publish your website at any host. You do not depend on a web site builder provider, and there are no specific requirements for hosting.

Offline Editor

It is easy to use and manage. You can work on you website when you are offline. You don't need to be connected to the internet and you can create your website wherever you are.

Recent reviews

Alex Johnson (Web Designer) - 12/11/2019

Websites have developed remarkably since the inception of web designing in 1989 due to the rapid development of technology. At the early stages of web development, it was a tough job which required hours and hours of coding. However with the emergence of HTML, web designing has stepped into a new path. Number of different designing tools were introduced to support the designing process. Still the amount of coding was not reduced much. Tools like Visio and Dreamweaver were extensively used by the developers. It was not possible for an ordinary person who did not possess any coding knowledge to build up the website. 

With time this was evolved and many website builders emerged around the world. This allowed the users to develop their own website with minimal coding knowledge. IM Creator, Site builder, Sitey, Wix and Squarespace are some of such reputed website builders. However number of pros as well as cons were found in these website builders. Inability to operate without internet is a major concern for many of such website builders. Almost all the builders were online web builders and offline facility was missing. Designing was also complex in some instances.

Mobirise offline static static generator has given solutions to many of those problems. Mobirise has number of features not found in other builders. It is a simple way to develop your website. Mobirise bootstrap page builder is ideal for a person who has no coding knowledge but requires to build up a website according to his/her need in a quick time.

Johnathan Daisy (Web Developer) - 12/05/2019

Mobirise free website builder software has number of advantages over other website builders. Most unique feature of Mobirise is its easy process. You can choose the blocks and drag them into the blank space and you are ready to go. There are number of designs to choose as per your desire. You can use Mobirise offline which makes it even more convenient for using. You can create trendy web designs using Mobirise and pre made blocks make your work easy. It is not easy to create such quality websites, but features provided by Mobirise website building software makes it possible.

There are several blocks in Mobirise to choose for the web design. Image content slider, Contact forms, Image Gallery, Mobile Menu, Google Maps, Social Buttons and Google Font blocks are available in Mobirise. These blocks have made the process easier. Features like social buttons and google maps are essentials of the modern web designs and understanding these requirements, Mobirise has included all the features into it.

Mobirise mobile builder is the most convenient website builder that you will come across. Just create a blank page and select the required blocks in the order that you prefer. You will be pleased with the ease of creating the landing page or promo site. As mentioned before these designs are extremely responsive to the mobiles which increases the value of this website builder.

It is evident that web designing has evolved over time and with tools like Mobirise, web designing has become simple and convenient. Mobirise can be recommended as one of the most user friendly web designing tools available in the market.


Perfect for use as a mobile website maker, Mobirise free software is easy to use and allows you to build genuinely stylish websites in no time at all.

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User: Good morning,
Kindly note that we paid for the attached, but nothing has allowed us to update mobirise.
Moreover, I require the use of the application on a different computer. Kindly advise how to carry this out.
Please advise.
Kind regards,

Mobirise team: Hi,
What is the file you sent me?
Please. resend us the post-order message or tell the ID number of your order.
Also, send a screenshot from your Extensions list.

User: Hi,
I'm connecting social feed to display social facebook posts.
By connecting to the account and as it is in component param i can choose Pages/Groups but all i have access is "Me" and so that only display the account page and cannot choose the page from this account to display.
Another question : how can i translate the infos on the right (2 days ago) in french.
i you wanna see the attached copy screen i add it on your support forum when i asked support help yesterday.
Here i the link :
Regarding the fact that your developper are working on and as i red on mobirise forum about that case that have already been discussed 2 months ago, when do this bug / problem will be solved ?
Regarding my translation it's about the elements tha are marked with green stroke.
Let me know asap please.

Mobirise team: If your social account has a french language then this text should be French as well.
Unfortunately, there is a list of these tasks which need to be solved by the team. Some of these bugs have a higher priority and causing more troubles and need to be fixed in a first way.
Sorry, but I don't know when exactly one or another bug will be fixed and I can't set the priorities for our developers.
I reported your problem to the team and they will review it and sort it out eventually.

User: Mobirise APP NOT WORK in my Windows PC:
after i choose the new theme, i can't return to create the new site.
When i click on the botton for create new site, the app make me logged
out and return me to the login form.
This is the recursive fail loop, probably depending to some lost
cookies or some lost library.
Please tell me which dependancy and system library are required in windows 8.1.

Mobirise team: Try to reinstall the app:
1. Export the projects so you could restore them later.
2. Deinstall the app through Revo uninstaller software ( use free trial ) + you'll need a different program if you have a MAC.
3. Go here - %LOCALAPPDATA%\\ (for Windows) or here - ~/Library/Application Support/ (for MAC) and delete this
4. Install the latest version of Mobirise from our official website -
5. Use the same account in the app to be able to install your extensions.
6. Restore your projects through the "Import" feature.

User: Hi,
We’re trying to build a website with M4 and added a block to add images. The masonry-look is great.
But….is it possible to ad more than 8 images? If yes: how? Do I have to buy a block or something? Which?
I hope you can help me, we are on the verge of going live but this is holding us back.

Mobirise team: Check the attached image.
What happens if you click "+" button in the block settings?
You should have a window opened where you can pick a new image for a gallery.

User: Dear gentlemen, I've seen your offer for the entire block. Unfortunately, although i am interested, economic reasons prevent me (I am retired) from buying it. Can you make me a good offer at least for the "block code"? Down last time you had answered me, and while granting me a discount, in fact, at the time of ordering this possibility had not been given to me. Can you help me in any way? Thank you for your response.

Mobirise team: What do you mean by "block code"?
How exactly can I help you with the offer?

User: Thanks for the answer, by block codes I mean only the extension that allows me to insert HTML code on the blocks.
Considering the discount on the entire package, how much would it cost to purchase this extension?
On the previous occasion you had granted me a discount but I could not use it, ordering in the web did not allow it.
Your offer of the whole template pack is really interesting but my economic condition does not allow me to purchase.
I still have to congratulate you on the good work.

Mobirise team: Please, clarify - do you need a Code Editor extension only, for some discounted price?

User: Hi there!
I need your help! I reinstall mobirise, and i lost my all sites. What can i do?
I need my sites! I want to setup all.

Mobirise team: Hi,
How to restore lost projects:
If your project is there but pages are empty:
Try to open some earlier version of your website through the "History" feature in the site settings.
If projects are disappeared from Mobirise completely:
1st option - Try to use a hotkey to restore the projects - shift+ctrl+L
If your Sites list is empty, you can load the list of previously used projects: open your Sites list and press Ctrl+shift+L when it opened.
Also, you can click the "restore deleted sites" button in the sites list.
2nd option - Usually, your projects are stored here:
(for Mac) ~/Library/Application Support/
or here (for Windows):
3rd option - If you have your website published online on some hosting then you should be able to download the site files on your PC.
Then use the import feature for the "project.mobirise" file -
To be properly imported the project must be stored in one folder with its assets folder.

User: Is it possible to add a drop-down list to a page where I am trying to sell products? I am currently using a store extension. I want to be able to have the customer click on the product link or picture or an Add to Cart button and have a window come up that has the drop-down list on it for picking options that are related to that product such as size, color, etc.

Mobirise team: We don't have a required block yet.
We'll provide your suggestion to our developers.
Thank you for the feedback!

User: Hello,
Please ask your developers this question:
We need to be able to tweak a theme and add the <amp-youtube loop> attribute in the template.
It looks like loop is getting stripped from the template code. Same seems to be the case for any amp-param-* attributes as well.
These are supported in the AMP specs, could you leave it there for those of us who need to put it in the template directly?
Unless I am totally mistaking and it is doable otherwise:
<amp-youtube loop
    <div placeholder class="placeholder"></div>
Thanks for any help

Mobirise team: We'll provide your suggestion to our developers.
Thank you for the feedback!

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