Today a great number of people is surfing the Net through smart phones instead of using traditional desktop computers. They search for information, buy various products and services. The increasing usage of mobile devices has lead to the need of creating websites that correspond to the needs of users – mobile friendly website. Big businesses as well as small businesses need to keep up with this trend and make sure that their websites are easy to use.

Now you do not need to spend times, efforts and huge money on finding a good IT team to create mobile website. With the help of our free mobile website builder this task will be accomplished in short terms and absolutely with no expenses.


It is incredibly inconvenient to browse a standard website on a small screen. Mobile version of website preserves all the features of desktop website and it continues to load website content properly no matter what device is used – Blackberry, iPhone or even iPad.

Check it yourself – build your own mobile website just in minutes with the help of incredibly simple mobile website creator. It has variety of readymade templates, great image gallery and icon gallery that will ensure outstanding and modern design.

If you still hesitate whether you need a mobile version of website, consider other advantages that mobile friendly website can offer:

Faster download

It is not a huge surprise that mobile websites usually load quicker than standard websites when viewing from mobile devices. With mobile website you will decrease the time a user spends in average waiting for a website to load. In such a way you will increase not only time spent on your web site, but also a general impression about your site.

Improved user experience

Features of your website must meet users’ requirements. If users are not able to browse your website freely, they will not spend there much time, let alone use your services or buy products. Mobile optimized websites are designed for mobile devices. They improve users experience and increase satisfaction.


Creating of a beautifully designed mobile website will definitely stand you out against your competitors. Do not forget that your website is the reflection of your ideas and approach.

Better search engine ranking

Mobile optimized website offers better search engine rankings on mobile-friendly search engines like Google.

Cost efficient

Mobile optimized website is not only more practical, it is also more cost efficient than development of applications. Moreover, mobile website can be accessed from any smart phone while an application requires user to download it before starting to use.

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