The function of landing page generator will allow you to attract new visitors, reduce the number of failures or create the page "Coming Soon". The landing page may contain a minimum of or no navigation buttons. The main objective of these pages is to attract the attention of visitors and bring to the implementation of certain actions, such as clicking a button or transfer to a specific page.

There are no limits on the figure of pages that you can make. To do addition of a LP, follow easy steps. Have a look at the menu on the left of the page name. Beat with the mouse button on the Pages & Projects logo => Select Add Blank => Edit Page Settings => name the brand-new LP => click the tick. Well done!


In order to move across your site, you need to add a button with the link transferring to the index page of your Mobirise web page design software site from the LP by means of web page builder software. The File Name of the page will be the inseparable part of the URL of the Mobirise site page. Also, the title of the page will occur in the menu, if you do addition of it to the site.

TITLE is the phrase, which is seen in the browser tab. The title will occur in the results of search engines, in this regard we recommend choosing a meaningful text for the title.

On the Settings page you are able to modify the file name of the page, to hide this very page from the drop down menu, to make your home page, to change the URL-address of the page, the name and description and add keywords.


Before implementing your brilliant ideas into life with landing page creator, remember a few rules. The index page is not the landing page; it prolongs the ad campaign and not a website.

A landing page is a secret of a prosperous website among millions of unfortunates. The habitué gets to your landing page by clicking with his finger on links from numerous pages. If you attempt to appeal to a great number of habitués to your website, Mobirise landing page builder is at your disposal.

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