Website Building Software

Making a site this time is nearly a routine — yes, we all want a unique and beautiful site, but coding every time is kind of boring, even if you're a coding master. What a luck that this time you have a choice, and you can use the best website building software.

How to use it?

First, download free website building software

It's easy! Just open the site and download the app. After that, please install the app. Follow the instruction provided by the installation wizard.

Open the app and select your theme

It can be a Bootstrap theme or an AMP-based one. Choose the one you need - each theme contains a set of pre-made blocks. You can be sure - every block is responsive, it will look awesome on mobile devices too.

Drag needed blocks to your page

Select needed blocks from the blocks list. There is a large set of various blocks in each theme: intros, galleries, sliders, call to action blocks, footers and features blocks, content blocks for articles, testimonials, and blocks to show your team. Also, you can find blocks to interact with your users: blocks with contacts, and operational form blocks that don't require server-side integration. It's the best website building software, for real, and most these features are free.

Edit blocks and place your content

Find the blue gear icon for each added block - you'll find your block properties this way. You can change these parameters to edit your block layout and content fields. Set a background type, paddings, and images for sliders and galleries. To change the content of your block, click on this content in the app. Mobirise is a WYSIWYG editor, your changes will be applied to your project.

When your site is ready — publish it!

When you edit your site in the easy site building software, you edit a project file, while your site files are not changed. Publish your site, and new site files will be created by best website building software.


More one time I entered in my system and all my projects are missing.
Please, fix it I need use it every day.

Mobirise Support
Sorry for the inconvenience.
There is an update: if your Sites list is empty, you can load the list
of previously used projects: open your Sites list and press
Ctrl+shift+L when it opened.
Are you able to use it?

Good evening. We are users of your fabulous application. We would like to suggest the implementation of a feature that our clients have recently requested. Are you planning to make available a Help Desk system in Mobirise? I look forward to your feedback. Thank you very much. Best regards.

Mobirise Support
We'll provide your suggestion to our developers.
Thank you for the feedback!
You can also share your ideas in the Wish List on our forum -

The Opacity level from ColorM Theme it is missing. I can't to change it.

Mobirise Support
It will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, please your help. I almost finish my work in your site but at the moment i want to export the web page the upload process stops at the moment the last web page created is loaded this stops. Please i dont want to re work all my web page. Regards

Mobirise Support
Please provide more information and related screenshots so we could
help you to resolve your problem.
What block and theme are you using?
Do you have any error messages? If yes, then send screenshots of them.

Hello, while updating to the latest version of Mobirise for PC, AVG deletes the setup file telling it contains a virus.
I cannot keep on working!
Please help.

Mobirise Support
Add our software to the exceptions of your antivirus.

Hello, the MOBIRISE easy site building software has helped me a lot to develop my own web sites, even without much knowledge in HTML5, this is very good, but I would like to leave registered here on the wish list, a very important thing for SEO in the partner networks.
In fact, it does not need a lot of knowledge to have a good SEO, but there is still a shortage in mobirise, which is the lack of a plugin, where you can upload the image of the SEO, also called Open Graph.
Thus, we would not need to edit manually by opening the source code of the page, in some editor, to add the meta names with their image to such social networks

Mobirise Support
We'll pass your feedbakc to our developers.
You can also share your ideas in the Wish List on our forum -